Rubber Label Manufacture

We manufacture rubber labels with raw materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances in our facilities. While many companies in the label industry also produce such labels, they struggle to consistently deliver the same quality. Rubber label production is our primary focus and we direct our production with the help of developing technology.

Due to our commitment to quality and consistency, our rubber labels always meet the same high standards. In addition, we are proud of being a pioneer in the sector by constantly setting new targets by researching and applying developing technologies.

Kiwi Rubber is happy to offer you brand new designs by using our vast experience in rubber label manufacturing and our superior service understanding.

We are an Integrated Rubber Label Manufacture

We manufacture rubber labels from start to finish. Starting from designing the mold, then opening it with our CNC machine, then mixing the raw materials using a high-speed disperser, then vacuuming out the materials to obtain the highest quality, then using the most advanced technology 12-color micro-injection machines to inject the materials into the mold, and finally cooking the mold in an oven High precision for accurate time setting and proper temperature setting.

Raw Material Mixing

we are using a high-speed disperser to mix the raw materials

Vacuuming of Raw Materials

Vacuuming out the raw materials to get the best quality of the final product

Material Injection in the Mold

Injecting materials into the mold using the most advanced 12-color micro-injection machine.

Cooking the Materials

heating mold with materials to a certain temperature using the most advanced high-precision industrial furnace

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